What we provide

YMCA is the largest provider of safe, supported accommodation for young people in England and Wales. We supply nearly 10,000 beds every night, ranging from emergency beds and student accommodation to longer-term supported living and move-on housing.

We offer everything from emergency beds through to supported longer term accommodation. Our philosophy of supporting young people holistically means that we provide not only a bed but help a young person gain the training, skills and confidence to go on to lead independent lives.

Where to go if you are homeless 

Thank you for visiting our site. If you are homeless or if you would like to help someone with a housing need, please read our guidance.

If you are a resident of YMCA England & Wales, we have created a page with the information you might need.

Each night we house 5717 people in supported accommodation
1154 people stay in our hotels and youth hostels every night
968 people pass through our move on accommodation each night
649 people stay in our self-contained medium term accommodation every night
We help 603 people with floating support
Each night we provide 244 people with emergency accommodation
241 people stay in our community hosting/supported lodgings each night
We house 211 students every night
We help 44 other people every night through various accommodation