Case Studies

Anton explains the challenges of being on benefits and training

“I’m 24-years-old and I’d like to have been living in my own place and to have a career by now” – Anton Taylor, a resident at YMCA Bedfordshire.

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Grace shares her experiences of accessing job centre services

‘It’s embarrassing going to the job centre. They need to pay more attention to the details and listen to what young people have to say. I’m a qualified beautician and they keep trying to send me on work experience. It’s rude’ – Grace, 23, a resident at YMCA Birmingham.

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Chloe explains the difficulties of training and being on Jobseeker’s Allowance

Chloe was just three days away from completing her carer’s training course when the news struck: her job centre benefits were about to be cut.

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Nathan discusses employment support offered to young people by the job centre

“The job centre is there to help but, often, there’s not a lot they can do. I was job searching with them for two years and, although I got work through them, it was never a career; they just wanted to get me off Jobseeker’s Allowance” – Nathan Tuley, 22, from YMCA Exeter.

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Young person Sam Lee talks about proposed Housing Benefit changes

Sam Lee, from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, is an example of the type of young person who could in the future be affected if Housing Benefit was removed in full for all 18 to 21-year-olds. Currently unemployed and looking for an Apprenticeship, he admits that Housing Benefit cuts could have left him on the streets…

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Young person Romario on what Housing Benefit cuts could mean in the future

Romario is a young person currently being supported by YMCA Thames Gateway who relies on Housing Benefit to pay for much of his rent. He says Housing Benefit has given him the springboard he needed to find work …

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From 500 nights on the streets to potential business entrepreneur – Liam’s journey from rough sleeping

Hackney-born Liam was just 19-years-old when he first began rough sleeping. Thrown out of his family home after his parents’ marriage breakdown and a succession of arguments, he was reduced to finding places on park benches or bus stops in which to bed down.

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Jodie Clay inspired to vote as the Election draws near

Jodie Clay first became homeless two years ago after a relationship breakdown.

Aged just 22 at the time, she was forced to move out of her home, quit her job and begin sofa surfing with friends and relatives as she strived to make a fresh start.

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Zubairi, 17, YMCA Black Country

Zubairi became homeless after his mother could no longer afford their home. Determined to succeed, he is working very hard in college to become an Aerospace Engineer.

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Marianne, 19, YMCA Bolton

Marianne was only 16 when she started suffering from depression. She was helping her mum care for her gran who had dementia. She wasn’t getting out much and had no one to talk to. But when a friend invited her to the Youth Club at YMCA Bolton, she found the friends and support she needed to feel happy again.

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