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Sponsor a Room

When a young person becomes homeless they are often profoundly lonely, isolated and extremely vulnerable. Without support they can easily become trapped in a life of poverty, exclusion, or even worse.

Not only do homeless young people have problems staying in education, training or employment but they also face many difficulties - low self-esteem, poor health, and, in some cases, mental health issues.

Become a YMCA Roomsponsor. And give them the room to make a new start.

Your gift will not only secure a young person a safe place that they can call home. You will also offer them practical support to get back on their feet. And what's more, you will show young people that there is someone who cares for them.

Please give young homeless people space to rebuild their lives – for good.

Remember, when you sign up to our dedicated Roomsponsor website, you will receive regular updates – and see how you can really make a big difference.

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