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Bims experiences life on the frontline with staff and volunteers at YMCAs across the country


YMCA England on Undercover Boss

On Channel 4's Undercover Boss, YMCA England's Bims Alalade experienced life on the frontline and met some inspirational people. Read more...


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Alys Talented Alys journeys from homelessness to a brighter future

As a young person who went from being homeless to finding hope and ambition at YMCA, Alys Guntley is an inspiration.

Brian Brian puts past behind him and dedicates life to helping others

Brian Hayes knows how it feels to come back from the brink after living through the struggles and challenges of homelessness.

SOS Bus A safe haven on four wheels for Southend youngsters

On Friday and Saturday nights a team of volunteers on-board Southend YMCA's SOS Bus provides a safe place for people in distress.

Bims and Maureen Meticulous Maureen keeps YMCA spick and span for 40 years

With exceptionally high standards to match those achieved in a four star hotel, 71 year old spirited grandmother Maureen McShane has been a housekeeper at YMCA London South West for almost 40 years.

Lauren Lauren, 16, YMCA Bristol

Lauren lacked confidence and was very shy. She is now an apprentice at a YMCA cafe and her confidence grows every day.

Marianne Marianne, 19, YMCA Bolton

Marianne was only 16 when she started to suffer from depression. Life at home was difficult and she didn't feel like she had anyone to talk to.

Zubairi Zubairi, 17, YMCA Black Country

Zubairi became homeless after his mother could no longer afford their home. Determined to succeed, he is working very hard in college to become an Aerospace Engineer.

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