Emily, YMCA DownsLink Group

Emily has been a resident of YMCA DownsLink Group’s (YMCA DLG’s) Horsham Y Centre since 2013.

Emily is a founding member of our new Young People’s Board (YPB). She was part of a small group of young people who made a film to convince our Trustees that this was the right time for the Board to be created and has since been a positive and enthusiastic member. She is, in fact, now a YPB Leader. Emily is very welcoming to new members, and always listens and contributes well.

Emily has recently taken part in recruiting new staff to the Horsham Y Centre and has also helped with strategic posts such as the recruitment of a Lead Chaplain at YMCA DLG. She gives frequent talks at our staff inductions and YMCA DLG is hoping she will become a young trainer soon, and begin co-delivering some of our training to staff and volunteers.

She also recently won two regional Outset Volunteers awards for her outstanding volunteering in Horsham. Her next challenge is hopefully getting on a trip to Tanzania to help build out-buildings and water sanitation units with Raleigh/ICS.

Emily has immense courage and determination that is amazing. She regularly experiences issues with complex trauma but is so committed and reliable that she deserves recognition. Everyone at YMCA DLG believes she really deserves an award as she is a true inspiration to staff and young people alike.