The Most Revd and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu

The Rt. Rev. & Rt. Hon The Lord John Sentamu

The Rt. Rev. & Rt. Hon The Lord John Sentamu, former Archbishop of York, is President of the YMCA in England and Wales.

“I am delighted to be part of this wonderful organisation which reaches out to young people in need across the world. The importance of the YMCA runs right through my own life. From the age of 14 in Uganda, one of the places I would go to for encouragement and guidance was the YMCA. It is an honour to now be President of the YMCA here in England and Wales.

“YMCA changes lives and communities. I am very impressed with the quality of YMCA projects – they are enabling young people to reach their full potential, no matter their background or circumstances. And believe me, the YMCA really does work.

“At YMCAs, I meet young people who have transformed their lives and are now giving back to their communities. Why not find out what the YMCA does in your local area and ask yourself how important is the future of the young people in your community?”

Vice Presidents

  • Peter Posner OBE
  • Chris Poulard
  • Tim Waldron
  • Val Wallis MBE