YMCA Satellite Clubs

We believe in the power of sport and physical activity to bring people together as well as the wider associated benefits, from increased self-confidence to better educational attainment, improved physiological health to better relationships. Sport has, and always will be, a fundamental part of what we do.

Across the country we have 36,000 gym members and encourage 500,000 people to be active through other sport development and commissioned programmes. In fact we are one of the biggest voluntary sectors providers of sport programmes in the UK and have a hugely respected portfolio of training qualifications.

YMCA England & Wales has a long history of working with national agencies to deliver impactful sports participation programmes via the local network.

If you are interested in working with YMCA to increase participation then, please contact Graham.Oatridge@ymca.org.uk.

Contact your local YMCA to find out more about what is on offer in your area.