YMCA England & Wales works with a number of local YMCAs (our Local Housing Partners) to provide safe, secure and affordable accommodation for young people. This is in addition to locally-owned and managed YMCA housing projects across England and Wales.

Our aim is to help residents get the skills they need to live independently. In the accommodation owned by YMCA England & Wales, we are the landlord and the agreement you have signed for your home is between you and us.

In most matters relating to your stay at YMCA, your local YMCA acts on our behalf and will work directly with you.

If you have a query about YMCA England & Wales as your landlord, please contact:

The Housing Department
YMCA England & Wales
10-11 Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6EH

Phone: 020 7186 9500
Email: admin.housing@ymca.org.uk

To find out about accommodation services in your community, please contact your nearest YMCA.

Residents Handbook

This handbook includes information that will help our residents to enjoy living at YMCA England & Wales managed properties. If you’re a resident and you have any queries relating to your service or support, please speak directly to your local YMCA.

Residents Annual Report

We are committed to letting residents know what we have been doing, how we are doing and give them the chance to become involved in shaping the future of their YMCA housing. The Residents Annual Report is a big part of this commitment.

Find your YMCA

Contact your local YMCA to find out how they can support you.