We believe every young person should be able to fulfil their potential

Helping young people gain the confidence to make decisions about their own lives is an important part of our work, as is providing an environment in which they can flourish.

Education is more than formal schooling. That is why YMCA offers a range of education, skills-based training, placement and apprenticeship schemes.

YMCA enables almost 28,500 people every year to engage in education and training. This includes (number of participants):

  • Basic life skills training – 5,488
  • Literacy and numeracy training – 2,675
  • ICT skills training – 2,174
  • Financial and budgeting training – 3,608
  • Work and employment skills training – 4,984
  • Apprenticeships – 1,147
  • Alternative education courses – 604
  • Further education courses – 2,109
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees – 132

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