Fragile young lives need your help, today

Why we need your help

Experiencing mental health difficulties is traumatic for any young person, even with support from their family and medical specialists. But… imagine how tough it is for a teenager without that care and empathy and love… and without a safe, secure home. So many of the young people who come to live at YMCA, suffer with mental health difficulties, and require the help of a dedicated support worker.

That’s why your support is so vital to YMCA providing the dedicated help young people so desperately need.

Chelsea’s story

I was sexually abused by a family member when I was six years old. My parents were having their own troubles too. My Dad was a full-time carer for my disabled Mum, but he was an alcoholic, and violent.

My mental health problems weren’t diagnosed until I was 19. At home, I was either neglected or beaten. My dad forced me to leave when I was 15, so I ended up sleeping on the streets.

Eventually, I found YMCA. My keyworker was always there, always helpful. YMCA has been the difference between life and death.

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Help make a difference

Help us be there for young people who have nowhere else to turn. Your gift will be an investment in a young person’s whole future, helping us make sure their mental wellbeing is addressed first and foremost, so they are in the best place to benefit from YMCA’s other dedicated services and can start to change their lives for the better.

YMCA is supporting 17,000 young people a year in our mental health services, with your support we can do so much more. A donation of just £25 could cover the cost of an hour’s vital support from a keyworker


How we spend your donations

For every £1 you give:

 90p supports local YMCAs helping young people, children and families

 9p helps generate more vital funds

 1p is spent on governance

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* While our stories are 100 per cent genuine, models have been used to protect identities.