‘If it wasn’t for YMCA I would still be living on the streets. But now I have a future.’



After years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her father, Molly ran away from home. She was just 17. With no one to turn to, she soon ended up sleeping on park benches.

“It was really scary and cold – I didn’t have a sleeping bag so I used to put all of my clothes on to try and stay warm.”

When she tried to seek help in a women’s refuge, she was referred to YMCA. It was a turning point in her life.

“Straight away, YMCA was so supportive. There was always someone I could talk to. Especially my key worker, Kirstie. She’s helped me more than I can describe.”


With a gift in your Will you can give a fair start to someone like Molly.

Today, Molly is at university studying for a degree in Film Production and planning her future career. She’s turning what once seemed a distant dream into a reality. All she needed was a fair start.

With a gift in your Will, you can give that same fair start in life to the young people of tomorrow. You can give them the gift of a lifetime.

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