The #IAMWHOLE campaign aims to encourage young people to challenge harmful language and negative stigma surrounding mental health and encourage others to speak out and seek help.

Mental health difficulties are costing young people their education, their employment prospects and without support, are costing them their lives. The NHS and YMCA responded with #IAMWHOLE.

Mental health difficulties among children and young people are common, and can be both persistent and damaging.

#IAMWHOLE calls on individuals to stand together, united as a movement, against negative stereotypes and language surrounding mental health by challenging others and themselves about the words they use and learn more about the impact these stereotypes and insults can have.

Music 4 Mental Health

Music 4 Mental Health aims to use the power of music to help break down the stigma and normalise the conversations surrounding mental health, in addition to raising vital funds for mental health projects targeting young people.

whole hour graphic


This World Mental Health Day, we want people to take a WHOLE HOUR for themselves.On the 10 October 2019, YMCA and #IAMWHOLE are launching a movement that encourages people to take an hour out of their day to do something to support their mental wellbeing.

Your stories

YMCA believes that young people should be at the forefront of the mental health story sharing their own experiences of stigma.

Read a collection of what they have told us in a series of interviews.

Our research

Our latest research revealed that more than four in five young people have heard negative words and stereotypes about mental health.

Read ‘More Than Words’ to find out more.


You can find help and advice on Find Get Give, a mental health blogs and resources website for young people, parents and carers created by YMCA’s Right Here project in partnership with other local groups.


Looking for information and guidance? Find the right information for you on our resources page.