young person standing in front of parliament

YMCA is the largest and oldest youth charity in the world and for 175 years, YMCA has been the champion for young people and communities. This General Election, we invite candidates and political parties to do the same and commit to delivering a new era for youth with policies that will support young people and the communities in which they live, to truly be able to live their best lives.

Young people today are growing up during a period where youth crime, mental health difficulties and loneliness are at an all-time high. Years of hardship and austerity measures have resulted in a generation of young people who cannot foresee a future better than their parents and together we need to change this.

Our manifesto covers the fundamental basics of what all young people deserve; having a roof over their head, to feel physically and emotionally safe, to have a decent job, good health, and the opportunity to be an integral part of their local community.

Now more than ever, we need a government who will deliver for our country’s young people, so they can be living their best lives.

scott holds football

All young people must be able to access good quality youth services

A YMCA support worker talks to two young people using laptops

All young people deserve a stable income and enough money to put food on the table

YMCA worker helps young person on laptop

All young people deserve to thrive at work and earn a decent wage

Four small children on play park

All young people should have the best start in life

young woman sits on bed in supported accommodation

All young people must have a home and the chance to live independently

young person plays hockey

All young people must be entitled to good physical and mental health

young man in classroom

All young people must have the opportunity to be a global citizen

All young people should have the opportunity to live their best life

Will you pledge so all young people can be living their best lives?

If you support our manifesto #LivingTheirBestLives, please pledge your support now and become a campaigner, write to your MP and share on social so that together we can create a new era for youth.