Lewis’ story

“Being on the street is scary, very scary. When I was about 14 years old, I used to suffer with major anxiety because of bullying in school, I could not go into crowded places at all, I’d stay inside the house 24/7, I wouldn’t leave.” Lewis’ story is featured as part of our mental health fundraising…


Rachel’s story

“Before I went to YMCA, I was beyond depressed. Both my parents abused me as a child – psychological, physical, sexual abuse.” Rachel’s story is featured as part of our mental health fundraising appeal, which you can find out more about here. Please donate today to help young people like Rachel. “Looking back, I must…


Chelsea’s story

Chelsea was sexually abused by a family member when she was just six years old. This horrific trauma was at the root of her multiple and undiagnosed mental health difficulties; she was hearing voices in her head and having flashbacks. Chelsea’s story is featured as part of our mental health fundraising appeal, which you can…



Ray’s story

This time last year, after the relationship with his family broke down, Ray found himself homeless. He wanted nothing more for Christmas, than to have a roof over his head, where he was safe. Instead, Ray was living in an abandoned car where he was bitterly cold, where he had nowhere to wash and barely…



Dannielle’s story

Dannielle’s story Dannielle was 19 years old when she came to YMCA. She was incredibly depressed due to problems at home, and when her brother was violent towards her, Dannielle realised that she could no longer stay there. Thankfully, she contacted YMCA and we were able to provide her with somewhere to live in our…


Amy’s story

At just 16 years old, Amy’s relationship with her mother deteriorated, she felt she had no choice but to leave home and ended up sleeping on the streets. She was preparing to take her GCSEs and had no experience of living independently, so she was scared about what lay ahead. “When me and mum fell…