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Young people today are making healthier life choices. Less likely to drink and smoke, they are staying in education longer and are generally clean living, qualified, and driven young people making positive decisions about their future.


Many young people are still facing some tough challenges. Mental health difficulties, body image anxieties, isolation, loneliness and the transition from education to employment are all impacting on the success of our future generation.

As the charity for young people, it is our aim to support young people through whatever challenges they are facing. Delivering localised services across 740 communities and campaigning as the voice of young people, YMCA supports 630,000 young people each and every year.

#TruthAboutMe tells the story of young people who have overcome their own personal challenges and with true determination and a little helping hand are now reaching their full potential.

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Truth about Ashley

Following the death of her mother at 13, Ashley was left pretty much left on her own.

Struggling with depression for years, it was only after becoming part of the YMCA community that she started to understand mental health and become an advocate for others.

Truth about Joel

Joel was just 16 years old when he first lived on the streets. After years busking and sleeping rough, he found YMCA and his life transformed.

With the help of staff and his own determination, he enrolled on a college course and pursued his passion for music. Joel is now studying for a degree in music and regularly performs across London.

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*Ashley’s story is true. We have changed her name and a model has been used to protect her identity.