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Become a Roomsponsor today and help vulnerable young people

Most of us enjoy the warmer days, but for young people sleeping rough, a heatwave brings only misery – and danger.

Hot weather has killed over 2,500 people in England over the past 3 years* – and homeless young people are among those most at risk.

With little or no access to water, shade, sun cream, refrigerated food or basic sanitation, they cannot follow the usual tips to stay well during hot weather. Many suffer dehydration, severe sunburn and heat exhaustion. They also suffer the humiliation of being unable to wash. And with lighter, longer days, the risk of violence and abuse on the streets is constant.

Please help vulnerable young people stay safe this summer and all year round. Become a YMCA Roomsponsor today and transform their wellbeing.

*Source: London School of Economics via Mirror Online, 27 June 2019

Vulnerable young people need care and protection all year round – and that’s what you’ll provide as a YMCA Roomsponsor.

Providing a young person with a safe place to sleep is often just the start of them being able to turn their life around. Your £12 a month sponsorship will also help to fund the other vital support services that YMCA provides. This could include providing food and bedding, counselling services and help with training and education, as well as our research and campaign work. Rest assured your money will be used wherever the need is greatest.

But it takes time to turn a troubled life around, and that’s why regular donations from Roomsponsors are so very important.

Joel’s story

“Walking around all day in the heat with my bag and guitar, by night time I was so tired I’d sleep anywhere. One day I woke up and someone had urinated on me. I couldn’t wash myself or my clothes. I felt utterly broken. Then I found YMCA. It’s hard to put into words the feeling when you turn the key to your own room. Getting a job and getting my degree would not have happened without YMCA’s support.”

As a Roomsponsor you’ll get real, regular feedback from the young people who are turning their lives around, thanks to your regular donation.
You’ll also receive a welcome pack and thank you gift.

About us

YMCA is the largest charitable provider of safe, supported housing for young people in England and Wales, helping 18,000 people a year.

At YMCA we don’t just give homeless young people a safe place to stay; we give them the support they need to live independently and build a happier future. But it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Make a donation today to support more young people.

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While our stories are 100 percent genuine, models have been used to protect identities.