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£10 could buy Christmas dinner for a young person
£22 could pay for a bed for the night at YMCA for a homesless young person
£50 Could give a young person 1 hour of specialist care from a counsellor

Rosa is 17 and has already endured so much in her young life. Her mother is an alcoholic who regularly slapped and punched her. She used to enjoy happy family Christmases when she was little. But then, over the years, her mum began to drink more and more. One Christmas morning a few years ago, Rosa scurried downstairs to open her presents, only to find that in a drunken haze her mum had already ripped them open. So I’m sure you will understand why Christmas isn’t something Rosa remembers fondly.

Earlier this year, Rosa’s mother and grandmother seriously assaulted her and she had to leave home.

“My mum didn’t give me any love and affection and I thought it was my fault, that I wasn’t good enough for anybody to care about me.”

As I am sure you can imagine, Rosa is still coming to terms with what she’s been through, but the main thing is, she is safe. She can lock her door at night and
nobody can hurt her. She has also built a great relationship with her YMCA Keyworker Clare, who is helping her manage her diabetes and mental health issues. The two try to catch up every day. I’m sure you will be delighted to learn that Rosa is now working towards her A Levels and hopes to study law at university. While she needs further support to completely move on from what she’s been through, she no longer fears what each new day will bring.


Rosa has been through so much pain, fear and heartache and experienced serious mental health issues, thankfully YMCA were able to give her the safety that every young person deserves.

By giving a gift this Christmas you could help ensure young people like Rosa, who have been so badly let down by the people they should have been able to rely on, have a safe, warm place to stay this Christmas.

YMCA is the largest provider of safe, supported accommodation for young people in England and Wales. We offer more than 9,100 beds and provide the holistic support that can help vulnerable young people recover form all they’ve been through. Most young people stay at YMCA for at least four months – and many longer. Here they can get the advice and support they need to regain confidence, develop skills and get in to work or education.

It’s dreadful to think that any young person might have to spend Christmas alone, prey to the terrible dangers of life on the streets. With a Christmas gift today, you could help give a young person like Rosa a safe place to stay – a place where they will be supported and helped to build a brighter future.