You can be there for young vulnerable people and make a real difference.

Your help can give young people living in difficult or even dangerous circumstances across England the key support they need and show them that there is someone who truly care for them. You can donate as much as you like and support YMCA’s work in many different ways.

Find out more on the ways you can help young people

Donate by phone or post
If you prefer speaking to a member of staff and make a donation on the phone, please call us on 0845 873 6633 (Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 4.00pm).

You can also send a donation by post – at no cost to you. Please send a cheque payable to YMCA and address the envelope to FREEPOST YMCA ENGLAND (you won’t need to add any address nor stamp).

Donate by text
You can send a donation by your mobile. Please text YMCA44 followed by the amount you want to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to70070. For example, to donate £3 you would text the following to 70070: YMCA44 £3All the money you donate goes to YMCA, and your network provider does not charge you for the SMS. You can donate up to £30 on any one day.