YMCA Maidstone

YMCA Maidstone successfully redeveloped The Loose Sports and Community Centre in 2011 replacing an ageing centre built in the 1960s. The centre has been a catalyst to the increasing influence of YMCA Maidstone today, having nurtured innovative partnerships and distinctive services to benefit the people of Maidstone.

As part of a 10 year mission to provide a new community centre for the deprived community of Tovil, the Loose Centre has become a very pro-active prominent part of the community. Working closely with our community, partners and local agencies, we have developed programmes to inspire and engage, such as childcare, children’s youth and family programmes, sports health and wellbeing facilities, employment placement opportunities, a day centre for people with learning disabilities, a café and a volunteer programme.

During the past 12 months, the success of the centre has secured partners to support YMCA Maidstone in delivering the newly opened YMCA Tovil Community Centre.
The new centre maximises local access to community resources by providing rooms for agency services, safeguarding the viability of programs and services in a rapidly growing community and ensuring there is a strong infrastructure to support a community with diverse and complex needs.

The redevelopment and transformation of YMCA Maidstone has improved our awareness and ability to be responsive to community needs.